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Perfectly Reasonable Deviations from the Beaten Track

Dealing with a Hot MacBook Pro

I have already repeatedly written about dealing with overheating MacBooks. My not-anymore-so-current MacBook Pro (15”, late 2016) started to also throttle, and so I decided to do what’s necessary. Yet, instead of just replacing the thermal paste, I decided to try something new: Coollaboraty Liquid Metal Pads. The application is comparatively simple, once you’ve worked… read more »

How to run Windows applications on MacOS

I’ve regularly some little Windows applications that I need to run on MacOS. Normally, I’d use a virtual machine, but there are some utilities where I’d really like to have them more immediately. Here is how I do it.

How to quickly change Background from dark to bright in Mail

The new dark mode introduced with Mojave has some issues with Mails where the author has used text highlighting (like, putting a yellow background behind a black text): This is going to be white on yellow in dark mode, and hence hardly readable. Worse even, there appears to be a trend where some people send… read more »

Fix Audio Problems on MacOS Mojave

After upgrading to Mojave, applications like Skype or Skype for Business stopped receiving audio and camera input. On Mojave, applications are supposed to be triggering an alert asking for permissions to access those resources, but after upgrading to Mojave, these applications never did that. Long story short: I removed rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.apple.TCC logged out… read more »